Automatic Form Fill and Seal Machine

A Product of Raksha Packaging: Packing Machine Manufacturer and Exporter in India, Packaging Machine Exporter and Manufacturer in India

  • With print registration control system , conducts measuring , bag making , filling , sealing and cutting , all automatically.
  • Easy to change for different pouch sizes.
  • With change in feeding unit , the machine is suitable to pack variety of products like tablets , granules , powders, liquids, paste & other rectangular and irregular shaped solid products.
  • Compact and easy to operate with all contact parts of stainless steel.
  • Feeding head can be Cup / Auger / Weigh/Gravimetric fillers - depending on the product to be packed.
  • Multitrack machines available.
Sealing Type  3 Side Sealing / 4 Side Sealing / Center Sealing (on Request) 
Packing Size  L : 40-120 mm or 100-240 mm (Film Length) W: 20-160 mm or 20-220 mm (Film Width) (Enlarged type can be made on order) 
Packing Range  0.5-30 gm , 30-50 gm , 50-100 gm , 100-300 gm (Depending on specific gravity of material to be packed) 
Packing Material  Any heat sealable laminated film such as Polyester/Poly, Paper/Poly,Glassine/Poly , Polyester/Met Polyester/Poly , Polyester/Foil/Poly , BOPP/Foil/Poly etc. 
Motor  1/2 H.P., 220V/ Single Phase/50 Hz 
Heater Load   
3 Side Sealing/Centre Sealing  150W x 2 Nos. & 300W x 2 Nos. 
4 Side Sealing  300W x 4 Nos. 
Machine Dimensions  750 x 560 x 1750 (mm) (LxWxH) 
Net Weight  450 Kilogram 
  • Batch coding device
  • Gas flushing arrangement
  • Batch cutting device
  • Level controller or sensing device
  • Bucket elevator / screw conveyor
  • UV lamp
  • SS / MS body
  • Outfeed conveyor
  • Hopper Loading / Feeding System
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