Biscuit Packing - 4 peices in a pouch

A Product of Raksha Packaging: Packing Machine Manufacturer and Exporter in India, Packaging Machine Exporter and Manufacturer in India

We offer a wide range of Packing Machines to our clients. The primary purpose of these machines is to manufacture sealed packaging from optimum quality packaging material like polyester, paper, and glassine. These machines provide center sealing pouches. Moreover, these give high performance and enable in packaging bulk orders at a fast pace. Hence, these machines are ideal for packaging food and medicinal products. Avail customization of these machines in terms of packing sizes and sealing types.

Packing of 4 biscuits in a pouch at high speed.

Sealing Type  Centre Sealing 
Speed  125 to 200 pouches per minute 
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