Automatic Form Fill & Seal Machine - Vertical Type - Multitrack

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As the name suggests, our range of high speed pouch packing machines are equipped with a high production capacity thereby saving a lot of time in the production process. Producing up to 28,800 pouches per hour, this high speed pouch packing machine can produce 4 side seal pouches for liquids, in a many sizes ranging from 0.5 ml to 100 ml. Especially designed for packing liquid, semi-liquid and pastes, these high speed machines give a cutting edge technology in the packaging industry leading to an approximate of 10% saving on laminate. These high speed pouch making machines have the following features:
  • Total PLC Control
  • High Speed up to 480-pouches/ min
  • Fully automatic compact & robust machine
  • Speed control through AC frequency drive
  • 10% saving on laminate
  • P.I.D. base temperature controller system
  • Photo-electronic mark registration system
  • Automatic batch cutting

Machine Mechanism  Intermitent 
Sealing Type  4 side sealing 
Speed  60 strokes per minute (depending on the quantity to be packed and the type of product & its flowability) 
Number Of Tracks  6/8/10 (depending on the width of the pouch to be made) 
Power  6KW 
Max. Roll Width  600mm (enlarged type can be made on specific requirement) 
Max. Roll Diameter  450mm (enlarged type can be made on specific requirement) 
Roll Core Diameter  150/76 mm 
Max. Pouch Length  150mm (enlarged type can be made on specific requirement)  
Motor  2.2KW, 3 Phase, 415Volts 
Net Weight  1500Kg 
Gross Weight  1800Kg 
Packing Limit  3 to 10ml per pack (enlarged type can be made on specific requirement)  
Air Consumption  2 CFM 
Temperature Controller  PID Based 
Product To Be Packed  Shampoo, Conditioner, Oil, Cream, Tomato Ketchup, Liquids etc. 
Vertical & Horizontal Sealings  Mechanical - Cam Driven 
Batch Cutting Operation  Pneumatic 
Film Draw Operation  Clutch & Brake 
Film Tracking  Manual / Automatic 
Control Panel  Air Cooled with all applicable standards 
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